Jorge Maia portraitToday we’re featuring talented landscape and seascape photographer, long exposure pro, Jorge Maia. He lives in Portugal, takes stunning photos and kindly agreed to share some of his photographic experience. 

Please welcome Jorge and let’s get behind the scenes of  his fairy seascapes world  together.  

You can also find Russian translation of the interview here.

How photography came to your life? Do you have any photography education?

It’s hard to determine the exact moment when photography entered my life, since very young I remember taking pictures on those small plastic cameras or sometimes using my father’s camera. But if I had to choose that very «moment», I think it would be when I bought my first SLR. It provided so much possibilities and opened a new world for creativity and exploration for me.

Soon I realized my love towards photography, it turned my world around. At that time there where no digital cameras, it was all analogue and the Internet was still very limited. It was necessary to take a course of photography, in order to have some progress, gain knowledge and evolution in photography.  After some research and recommendations, I decided to enter the «» private school (Centro de Arte & Comunicação Visual), after two years of study there  I also attended «ETIC_» (Escola Técnica de Imagem e Comunicação) for one year, where I took lessons on studio photography.

Those courses gave me technical knowledge of an image, the rest is lot’s of work and imagination.

Photographer: Jorge Maia "Imagine"

You’re shooting really breathtaking landscapes. What comes first: idea, preparation to shooting or a moment that you’re capturing the beauty? 

Thank you very much for your words. I have to say that majority of images are made from preparation and research, I do a lot of planning of the places I want to shoot and usually it takes longer than the actual shooting. I look for what’s been done before and try to give my own interpretation, my vision.

Usually when I decide to go shoot somewhere, I already have some ideas in mind, sometimes I can do what I planned and sometimes I have to adjust it to the conditions I encounter. For my latest project «Night Dreams» I started to study astronomy to achieve my best, it’s very important  to know very well what you’re shooting.

Photographer: Jorge Maia, "Whispers of eternity"

How long does it usually take to prepare and shoot your photos?

Time to prepare and shoot varies from image to image, but even with all the preparation said before, there’s always something beyond one’s control. It happens that result is not what you’ve expected, but you have to give it a try, again and again, until you reach your goal.

Photographer: Jorge Maia, "Silk"

Many of your landscape are long exposure, it looks like this has become your signature. Why did you start taking LE landscapes? 

I think it was when I saw some LE work on the Internet, it fascinated me and draw my attention to this style. It convey a sense of eternity, that can be delicate and at the same time have a revolt aesthetic.
I think my biggest inspiration is this wonderful planet we live on, I try to transmit the emotions that i’m feeling at the time, a part of me goes into each shoot, trying to transmit that emotions to those who are watching the image so they can feel it too.

It’s the capture of a time lapse undetectable to the human eye, that it don’t capture just the moment, but a fraction of the space time.

Фотограф Джордж Маиа "Чистая энергия" /Jorge Maia "Raw Power"/

Photographer: Jorge Maia "Raw Power"

What inspire you to go forward and photograph another piece of art?

I think my biggest inspiration is this wonderful planet we live on, I try to transmit the emotions that i’m feeling at the time, a part of me goes into each shoot, trying to transmit that emotions to those who are watching the image so they can feel it too.

Photographer: Jorge Maia "Abandoned"

What’s the most difficult about landscape photography? What challenges did you have and how did you manage to overcame them?

The main challenge is not finding the locations to shot, but having the perfect conditions to do it. Sometimes I wake up still at night, just to capture the magic of the morning, a beautiful and colorful sunrise or an atmospheric morning fog, but when I arrive at the designated location, there is nothing of that, just a normal and simple sunrise. But sometimes Iget an overwhelming morning, where all is perfect.

It’s really a quest, if you want to achieve a certain high level in photography, you just can’t count on luck, you’ve got to look for it.

At first I had to read and search a lot to better understand the LE process and technique, and after I bought my first filters it was practice, practice and more practice. I’m lucky to leave by the coast, so I had many places to try and explore my new discovery.

Фотограф Jorge Maia

Photographer: Jorge Maia "The edge"

Can you tell some interesting story behind one of your photos?

When shooting by the coast, many things can happen, you can’t imagine how slippery those green algae are, sometimes your foot goes where is not meant to, and suddenly you’re already sitting on the ground.

About two weeks ago I planned to shoot some rocks on a beach, and while I was preparing my gear, a powerful wave hit the rocks and I only had time to protect the equipment under me. Needless to say I was completely soaked, still took some pictures, but started to freeze as the night fell and I thought it was best to head home.

I named one of those images «Rough sea»

Photography by Jorge Maia "Rough sea"

Any special advise to amateur landscape photographers?

Be patient, dedicated and above all love what you’re doing. If you’ve an opportunity to have some photography lessons, take it, not only to have someone to guide you through what is good and bad in your work and help you, but also because the knowledge gives a higher self critique about your own work, also see lot’s and lot’s of images, and try to understand how they were made.

The most important thing about photography is not the gear, but what is beyond it, it’s you!  

You can explore breathtaking shots by Jorge Maia on his 500px profile:

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